The company holds ISO9001-2000 certificate, awards VIN number, and gained DOT approval since the year 2002, the recognition of the Liberty Group’s quality initiative at each and every stage is a reflection of its belief that quality is not just a conformance to specification, but is a commitment to ensure total customer satisfaction.

    Shipping methods: knocked down, can be cut from the rear or the front, 2 units in one 40HQ, it is widely used. If whole length less than  13.5meters, two completed units can be fitted into one 45HQ, it is less used, as high freight and not easy to find such container.

    The products take the advantages in good appearance, reasonable structure, high transporting ability, fine complex quality and are easily repaired. Demand from customers for specific design are warmly welcomed.

    COMPANY: HEBEI HONGTAI SPECIAL TRUCK CO.,LTD TEL:+86-317-5985677 FAX:+86-317-5985266
    POST ADD:Yangsanmu Town, Huanghua City, Hebei Province, P.R.China
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